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InAttendance:  Craig Wilkie, Chair,Burlington City;  Sean Boyce, Monmouth;Steffi-Jo DeCasas, Readington; Joyce Goode, Mansfield; Ron Ianoale, MS&S;Joseph Kelley, Source4Teachers; Valery Petrone, Fair Haven


Inaddition to John Donahue, Executive Director and Dr.  Michele Roemer,Assistant Executive Director.


1.    Reviewedhow the list of bills to keep track of is generated

2.    Discussionwith regards to tenure concerns and the impact performance evaluations willhave on the number of legal challenges

3.    JohnDonahue advised the committee that the Governor will be reprising his effortson the “Tool Kit” legislation.

4.    JohnDonahue announced that Dave Hespe will replace Christopher Cerf as theCommissioner of Education effective March 20th

5.    Steffi-JoDeCacas stated that the Comptroller’s Office is sending out a survey to schooldistricts regarding Roofing Contracts

6.    Reviewof bill

a.     Opposed:

                                                   i.     A1566-Requireseach school district to offer a summer payment plan for school districtemployees

                                                 ii.     A2319 – Requiresfire districts, school districts, and county governments to share in burden ofproperty assessment appeal refunds

                                               iii.     A2368 – concernssubcontracting agreements entered into by public school districts

                                               iv.     S125 – Requiresschool districts to allow charter school students, county vocational schoolstudents, and students receiving equivalent instruction elsewhere than atschool to participate in interscholastic sports programs on resident district’ssports teams

                                                 v.     S500 – concernssubcontracting agreements entered into by public school districts

                                               vi.     S679 – Allowsestablishment of county-wide purchasing system for certain school districtservices in certain counties; offers employment protections for certain food orcustodial services employees; and regulates subcontracting by districts andpublic higher education

                                             vii.     S1089 – RRequires fire districts, school districts, and county governments to share inburden of property assessment appeal refunds

                                           viii.    S1674-  – Requires school districts to allow charter school students, countyvocational school students, and students receiving equivalent instructionelsewhere than at school to participate in interscholastic sports programs onresident district’s sports teams


b.    Support:

                                                   i.     A2740 –Eliminates school district budget per pupil administrative cost limits as ofthe 2015-2016 budget

                                                 ii.     S571 – Permitshigh performing school districts to be monitored by the DOE under the NJQSACevery seven years rather than every three years


c.     Watch– there were a number of bills that were introduced that the committee selectedto be watched at this point in time. 

Comment – Craig Wilkie

After the meeting a bill wassubmitted that will require a school district to feed children who are notpaying for their food. While I believe most districts take of the children, itcould create an issue for a district especially since the DOE does not allow adistrict to support the Food Service Program.

From the Star-Ledger

Thecommittee also approved a measure that would require school districts to waitlonger to deny food to students if their parents haven’t paid their lunchbills. The measure (A1796) was introduced after Willingboro’s school district saidit would deny lunches for students whose parents haven’t paid up, even ifthey’ve loaded up their trays.

Thebill, which was approved 5-0, would require schools to contact the students'parents or guardians if the students' lunch account isn't paid and give them 10days to pay it. The school would then have to issue a second warning to theparents, and then give them another 7 days to pay before they could deny thechild lunch.



                                     Legislative Report Revised 1-24-14 











December 19, 2013




S2086/A3424 –Changes deadline for filing nominating petitions for school board candidates to last Monday in July; revises procedure for filling school board candidate vacancy; and revises certain other election procedures


Up for a vote today




S2877/A4300 –Extends the timeline for performing certain budget-related tasks in school districts that have moved the annual election to November.


As of today, not posted for a vote





Permits a board of education to adopt a salary policy of upto five years.


The committee amended the bill to reinsert current statutory language providing for the specific length of the term of a salary policy which may be adopted by a board of education.  The amendments permit the salary policy to be for four or five years, in addition to the term of one, two, or three years provided in current law.  The amendments also delete language that provided that upon expiration of the term of a salary policy, the board isrequired to pay all increments due under an expired salary policy until a new salary policy is agreed upon through collective bargaining.


Reported out of Senate Education Committee with Amendment (see above).  Was introduced 2/13 inAssembly and has not been scheduled by Assembly Education Committee. 





June 28, 2013      TRUSTEE MEETING

S1191/A3960 - Allowsestablishment of county-wide purchasing system for certain school districtservices; offers employment protections for certain food or custodial servicesemployees; and regulates subcontracting by districts and public highereducation institutions.  This bill wasamended by the Assembly to include a pilot program for 5 counties.  Was passed by the Assembly on 6/24/2013 andis on the Senate list for 6/27/2013. 



S1517/A3634 – Provides State,county, municipal, and school district contracts for professional services willbe awarded pursuant to competitive contracting process.  Amended on the Senate Floor 3/18/2013.  Introduced and referred to Assembly StateGovernment Committee.  Not scheduledat this time.

Underexisting law, contracts for professional and technical services to be awardedby State Under existing law, contracts for professionaland technical services to be awarded by State agencies, including independentauthorities, or by counties, municipalities, and school districts may be negotiatedand awarded without publicly advertising for bids.  As amended, the billwould provide, instead, that these contracts would be subject to a competitivecontracting process.  The bill wouldallow the continuation of a professional services contract for legal servicesbeyond the contract’s expiration date when the expertise of that particularprovider of legal services is essential for the completion of pendinglitigation, the completion of any construction contract, or the needto properly complete other legal services, and any potential change in theprovider would be detrimental to the public interest. This bill removesprofessional services from 18A:18A-5 – EXCEPTIONS TO REQUIREMENT FORADVERTISING and places it in 18A:18A-4.1 USE OF COMPETITIVE CONTRACTING BYBOARDS OF EDUCAITON. 



A3562/S2424 - Modernizes the form of disbursement for certain State and local government payments to individuals and business entities.  03/21/2013 Passed in Assembly 72-3-1.  S2424 referred to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee is not scheduled at this time.



 A720 / S2090 - Requires direct deposit for all State employee compensation on and after July 1, 2014; allows county, county college, municipality, and local school district to opt for mandatory direct deposit for all employee compensation on or after July 1, 2014. This bill excludes the requirement for direct deposit from the formal negotiations process.

A1365 - Creates a Task Force on Improving Special Education for Public School Students.





S968/A998 –Establishes procedures and standards regarding public service privatizationcontracts.  On Governor’s desk  (5/20/2013)


S2163/A3696 - Concernsarbitration for certain non-teaching school staff.  On the Governor’s desk.  (5/20/2013). Currently, this bill places the burden on the employer.   




A718/S2123 -  Requires DOE to biannually distribute a letterto school districts reminding districts of requirements to enroll residentstudents regardless of immigration status. Received in Senate (6/20/2013), 2nd reading in Senate toconcur with Governor’s recommendation


S2425/A3679-Revises definition of “public works projects” to permit project laboragreements for more projects.  Governor’sveto received in the Senate (4/15/2013 – Not scheduled.


A735/ S1438   - Permits a child who moves out of a school district due to a familycrisis to remain enrolled in that district until the end of the school year.  Passed in Assembly.  Reported out of Committee with amendments, 2ndreading in Senate.  Not Scheduled



To view any bill in its entirety goto:  www.njleg.state.nj.us andtype in the bill number.