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The New KeyPost

You should all know by now that our professional publication, “KeyPost”, will come to you in electronic format this year.  We haven’t completely given up on some kind of print version; but for the immediate future, articles and information will be sent to our membership by way of email. 

The new format does not change your ability to submit informative and professionally interesting news and articles for publication in KeyPost. In fact, we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to share more, varied information with our membership on an even timelier basis.

I encourage our active, associate and business members to also become active writers and contributors to the new electronic version of KeyPost.  NJASBO membership or affiliation is required for articles to be considered for publication.  

There are so many things that you can share with your colleagues.  Let me suggest just a few topics:

1.       How to Live within a 2% Levy Cap!

      2.       Solar and Energy Savings Projects

      3.      Unique and/or Successful Sharing Options

      4.      What do you mean, you can’t pass a referendum!?

      5.      Negotiation Strategies

      6.      Banking Services

      7.      Legal Issues

      8.       Best Business Practices

      9.       Dealing with Difficult People

      10.    I love my Job!  Here’s why!

All article submissions must include the author’s full name, job title, district or business affiliation, daytime telephone (office or mobile) and email address.  One or two individuals may author submissions and all will receive a byline.

Editorial Guidelines:

Complete editorial guidelines for the new KeyPost will be published on the NJASBO website in the near future.  In the meantime, please adhere to the following:

Feature articles, letters and news releases may vary in length from 500 to 1,500 words. 

All submissions are subject to review and editing by the editor and the editorial review committee. 

Articles, news and photos may be submitted directly to my attention, john@njasbo.com.  Submissions should be in an MS-WORD file. Photos and artwork ideally should be sent in a high-resolution jpeg format.



Last Modified on August 2, 2007