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                Welcome to NJASBO’s mentor selection site.  From here, you can click on the Mentor button and find a list of certified mentors who will assist you in obtaining your standard school business administrator’s certificate after you have obtained your Certificate of Eligibility and have been offered a position as a School Business Administrator or an Assistant Business Administrator.  Prior to selecting a mentor, you are required to register with Kenneth Figgs, Manager, Adminstrator Training Programs, New Jersey Department of Education, PO Box 500, Trenton, NJ  08625 at 609-292-6378.  Mr. Figgs will send you out all appropriate forms to be completed.  The documents on NJASBO's website are for reference purposes only.  Please be sure you use the forms that are sent to you from the Department.


                As you will see, each mentor has provided a brief history of their experience and has indicated the geographic area of the state where they are willing to serve.  You are encouraged to select a mentor that is readily accessible to you to better facilitate and enable face-to-face meetings and discussions.  Your mentor cannot be someone who is employed in the district where you are serving your mentor internship. 


                Your first step is to contact your mentor who will guide you through the process of completing appropriate contracts with your district, the mentor, and the Department of Licensure.  Your mentor will explain to you these important first steps that will properly move you forward through a successful mentoring experience.  The fee for the services of your mentor has been established by NJASBO as of January 2014 at $2000.00.  You and your mentor will establish an appropriate agreement for the payment of these fees. 

Last Modified on July 15, 2015