2017-2018 Professional Development Schedule coming soon.....



September, 15 - Rockaway; 19 - Mt. Laurel, 2016– Fiscal Updates to Procurement under Federal Grant Programs & Homeless Education Costs This program will include fiscal updates to procurement under the Uniform Grant Guidance and implementing new provisions coming in 2017-2018 for Supplement not supplant that will rethink the way a school operates.  In addition, there will be a discussion on the updates to Homeless Education costs as well as alternatives on how to pay some of the costs that comply with the intent of the law including funding transportation with Title I funds when appropriate.  3 CPE (1 Accounting; 2 Finance)/3 QPA (2 Procurement; 1 Office Adm)


October, 19 - Rockaway; 31 - Mt. Laurel, 2016 – School Security and Emergency Management - In this session, representatives from New Jersey Department of Education’s Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning (OSPEP) will present best practices and common elements to promote school-wide safety practices in order to enhance the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors in our schools. In addition, content will be shared on ways to make the perimeter and school facility more secure. 3 QPA (1 Procurement, 1 Office Adm; 1 Information Technology)


November, 15 - Mt. Laurel; 17 - Rockaway, 2016 – Legal Update

 NJASBO’s Attorney Anthony Sciarrillo will present on the following topics:
        Update on the School Ethics Act – impact of familiar relationships on voting, negotiations, and employment Issues
        Transgender Students – discussion of budgetary impact for the accommodates and modifications to your facility
        Copyright and trademark issues regarding logos
        OPMA – a review of the status of where cases stand with regards to the increase number of complaints filed by public interest                             groups, and changes that have taken place       
       OPRA – a review of the number of cases that have interpreted the law and provided guidance for business officials·        
       Negotiations – update on the impact of Chapter 78 and other issues being brought to the table by the union

3 CPE - Business Law/3 QPA - 1 Ethics; 1 Office Adm./Office Duties; 1 Procurement Procedures (updated 11/3/2016)

December, 8 - Mt. Laurel; 13 - Rockaway, 2016 – Chart of Accounts Review and Artemis Record Retention - *A review of the chart of accounts, where items should be charged as well as strategies for budgetary Administrative Costs.  Second part of the program is the *New* web-based system for Records Disposal.  The Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services, Record Management Services (RMS) will introduce the web-based records management system, Artemis. This system has replaced the current paper process for “Request and Authorization for Records Disposal.”  Artemis streamlines the user’s ability to search retention schedules, electronically submit records disposition requests, and track approval process.  

3 CPE - 2 Accounting; 1 Business Law / 3 QPA - 1.5 Procurement Procedures; 1.5 - Office Adm./General Duties (updated 11/3/2016) 

January, 19 - Rockaway; 24 - Mt. Laurel,  2017 – Legal Program on Seniority, Tenure and Leaves of Absences Is your Seniority list up to date?  Do you know who has tenure?  Join Andrew Brown, Esq., of Schwartz Simon Edelstein and Celso for a program on a variety of H.R. issues, including seniority, tenure and the different types of Leaves of Absences and how they impact the business office, fiscally and legally.  3 CPE (2 Business Law; 1 Finance)

 February, 14 - Mt. Laurel, 23 - Rockaway, 2017 – Pensions Update Mort Reinhart, NJASBO Pension Consultant will provide an update on the NJ Pensions systems as they pertain to school district employees.  3 CPE (2 Business Law; 1 Finance)

 March, 14 - Mt. Laurel; 16 - Rockaway, 2017 – Purchasing NJASBO consultant, James Shoop, will provide a presentation on purchasing requirements for NJ school districts.  This will include the importance on advertising, as well as the requirements for a district to renew contracts.  3 CPE (1 Business Law; 1 Finance; 1 Accounting)/3 QPA (2 Procurement; 1 Office Adm) 

April, 25 - Rockaway; 27 - Mt. Laurel, 2017 – Audit Program Update and Miscellaneous Financial Issues – This program will emphasize the importance of preparing for the district’s annual audit and the financial issues that impact the audit.  This will include discussions regarding purchasing, ethics, and state and federal mandates. 3 CPE (1 Auditing; 1 Finance; 1 Accounting)/3 QPA (1 Procurement; 1 Office Adm; 1 Ethics)

 May, 9 - Mt. Laurel; 11 - Rockaway 2017 – Administrative Assistant Program (Full Day Program) – Join Anthony Sciarrillo, Esq., in a discussion of topics that impact those individuals who work in Central Office. 







Academies are designed to strengthen the core knowledge and skills of newly appointed school business administrators and assistant business school business administrators through meetings with colleagues and county office representatives.


October 4, 2016 – Introduction & State Information – Academy I

November 29, 2016 – Purchasing Overview with James Shoop – Academy I & II - 3 CPE (1 Auditing; 1 Finance; 1 Business Law)/ 4 QPA (2 Procurement; 1 Office Adm.; 1 Ethics)

January 25, 2017 – Budgeting – Review of State Program with Neil Cramer – Academy I & II - 3 CPE (1 Accounting; 1 Finance; 1 Business Law) 

March 7, 2017 – B.A. Contracts, Pensions, Merit Pay, Chapter 78, TSA’s – Academy II

May 16, 2017 – How to Manage Your Worker’s Compensation – Academy I & II -  3 CPE (1 Business Law; 2 Finance)/ 3 QPA (1 Procurement; 2 Office Adm.)


Academy Programs are structured around requests from attendees.  Additional/replacement topics may be added. 


 All cancellations must be at least 48 hours in advance to not be charged for the program.

Registration for all programs begins at 8:30am.  Programs begin at 9am and end approximately at 12 noon.  Lunch is available after the program.