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Above and
Beyond Service Awards


To recognize those School Business Officials who have performed outstanding service in a specific area, above and beyond their typical responsibilities.


Any member of NJASBO may be recommended by a county President. Letters of recommendation are to be submitted to the Executive Director.  

The criteria for nomination are that the nominee must:   

(1)  be a active member of NJASBO as of September 30 of the school year of nomination

(2)   have performed a significant service, above and beyond their typical responsibilities, deserving of special recognition,
       to one of the following:

a.      his/her school district
b.     his/her community
c.      the profession of school business administration

(3)   not be a current member of the NJASBO Executive Committee.


The Above and Beyond Service Award winner shall be recognized in the following manner:

                   (1)   Presented with a plaque conveying the honor at a Trustee’s Meeting
                   (2)   Recognized by a press release to state newspapers and to his/her local newspaper
                   (3)   Recognized by his/her local Board of Education via official letter from the Executive Director of NJASBO to
                         the district Board of Education president and CSA