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Governor Signs Bill A3765

Tuesday, August 28, 2018  
Posted by: Lisa Dekovitch

August 20, 2018



Governor Signs Bill 

P.L. 2018, c. 100


Permits School District Superintendent to Designate School Employee with Certain Expertise as School Safety Specialist


This bill goes into effect immediately. 


Under current law, a school district superintendent must designate a school administrator as a school safety specialist for the school district.  The school safety specialist must complete the School Safety Specialist Certification Program developed by the New Jersey School Safety Specialist Academy in the Department of Education.  The school safety specialist will: be responsible for the supervision and oversight for all school safety and security personnel, policies, and procedures in the school district; ensure that these policies and procedures are in compliance with State law and regulations; and provide the necessary training and resources to school district staff in matters relating to school safety and security.  The school safety specialist will also serve as the school district liaison with local law enforcement and national, State, and community agencies and organizations in matters of school safety and security.


This bill permits the school district superintendent to designate either a school administrator, or a school employee with expertise in school safety and security, as the school safety specialist for the school district.


We expect to get more direction from DOE in the near future

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