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5/14/2020 ESSER Non-Public Allocations

Tuesday, May 19, 2020  
ESSER Non-Public Allocations

By now we are sure you have reviewed your Cares Act ESSER allocation within EWEG. Please be advised that although the CARES Act required your district allocation from the State to be calculated utilizing the Title 1 methodology, the subsequent proportionate share to Non-public schools within your district did NOT utilize the same methodology.  The public/non-public allocation is based on total enrollment of public and non-public schools, not free and reduced lunch counts.  Please be advised that NJDOE utilized the latest guidance available from the Federal government to perform the calculations.  There is much national debate occurring in regards to this issue.  ASBO International has issued the following (paraphrased) statement.  

ASBO International is working with AASA, The School Superintendents Association on an advocacy opportunity regarding the Department of Education's (ED) recent guidance issued on Providing Equitable Services to Students and Teachers in Non-Public Schools Under the CARES Act.

Please consider writing your members of Congress to let them know this suggested method of calculation is flawed and inequitable for students. Click Here for Template Letter 

ED's guidance advises school districts to calculate the proportionate share of CARES Act equitable services to non-public schools based on overall enrollment rather than based on poverty rates in the non-public schools. This would significantly increase the share of federal funding available to private schools beyond what they would have received according to what CARES statute intended. For example, in Indiana, the guidance would triple the amount of funding available to support private schools compared to using the typical Title I process for calculating equitable services. This guidance, if enacted, will actually worsen student inequities in education, so please let Congress know.

If you need assistance with contacting your members of Congress or have any questions, please email   For more background information on this issue, please read AASA's blog and this District Administration news article.

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