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KeyAlert - Digital Divide, FEMA, Unemployment, ACT, Certification & Pension Consultations

Friday, September 4, 2020  

The past six months have been the most challenging in our lives and those of you working in school districts have put in countless hours to support the education of the students in your districts.   We applaud the work that you do every day and please know that we are here to assist and support you in your efforts.   Hopefully you will have a restful long weekend.   


Digital Divide Grant 9/4 DEADLINE-  For those of you that have applied for this grant please check to see if the contact person on the application received an email regarding a deadline for today, September 4th to submit an amendment if your original grant was approved with the initial needs assessment.  The email from the Office of Grants Management indicates that if the amendment is not made the funds are at risk.   


FEMA Reimbursement -  Please be advised that FEMA has issued an interim policy which addresses the reimbursement of work performed on or after September 15, 2020. The policy eliminates reimbursements for items such as face masks, temperature scanning, disinfection, plexiglass barriers, etc for non-emergency settings, including schools after that date.  ASBO International has communicated its concerns to FEMA on behalf of our schools.   

Click Here for Policy


Unemployment Invoices- Please be advised that the second quarter unemployment invoices for districts under the reimbursement method have not yet been issued due to delays in system programming changes at the NJDOL.  


ACT Telecommunications Program- Please be advised that 18A:55-3 of the efficiency standards requires districts to consider participation in this program if it provides greater efficiencies than their other options.  The Educational Service Commission of NJ which manages this program on behalf of NJASBO has incorporated the NJDRLAP consortium for Internet access and broadband connectivity within ACT. ESC-NJ recently distributed information regarding this program for your consideration. 


Certification Classes- Registration for SBA Certification classes has opened and is available on our website. 


Pension Consultations- For anyone who has considered raising the white flag of retirement due to recent  or other events, our consultant Mort Reinhart is available for pension consultations for Active Members.  Please contact Lisa with your preferred contact phone number and email address to schedule a Zoom meeting.

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