2018 Bid Calendar

Click Here for No Bid Monday Calendar - 2019

To My Fellow Colleagues:

NJASBO and I are providing guidance to School Business Administrators on what days bids may not be received and opened for the 2019 calendar year. A review of N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-21 (a) will note the following:


Bids may not be received and opened on:


1.       Mondays;

2.       Day after a State/Federal Holiday; and a

3.       State or Federal holiday—even if your school district is opened. (implied)


The NJ Division of Local Government Services use to issue a Local Finance Notice on Bid Acceptance Days. The LFN was a good annual reminder for school districts on when not to receive and open bids. The last LFN on Bid Acceptance Dates was issued in 2013.


As a courtesy to you, NJASBO and I have prepared a 2019 calendar that lists the days that Boards of Education may not receive bids. This calendar can be easily put up on the bulletin board of the bid scheduler.


The “no bid dates” are listed on the calendar in Bold Red Ink.


May I suggest sharing this calendar with any architects or engineers who may be assisting your district?


We hope this calendar will compliment any Local Finance Notice that may be issued by the NJDLGS.


Please also note the following:


1.       Competitive Contracting Proposals

The NJDLGS has recommended in past Local Finance Notices, not to receive and open any Competitive Contracting proposals on the days listed in Bold Red Ink on the calendar.


2.       Student Transportation Bids

The NJDLGS has advised in past LFN’s that the “No Bid Mondays” law does not apply for  Student Transportation Bids, which are governed  pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:39-1 et seq.


As always, seek guidance from your board attorney on all interpretations of purchasing law and code.


James Shoop

4 AAA Drive Suite 101,
Robbinsville New Jersey 08691
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