1. Purchasing

NEW 4.16.2020 Division of Local Government Services’ NEW Supplemental COVID-19 Procurement Guidance

LOCAL FINANCE NOTICE 3.16.2020 Emergency Purchasing during CoronaVirus Crisis

a) The Bid Process

a. The Bid Opening Process [PDF]
b.  2020 Bid Acceptance Dates Explanation
c. 2020 Bid Acceptance Dates Calendar

d. Purchase Order Requirement Chart Updated 8/6/2020                                                                                                                                          e. Cancellation/Postponement of Bids

b) Bids/Quotes

a. Goods & Services

i. GS Bid Boilerplate (Word)  Updated 6/18/2020
ii. Quote- Goods & Services (coming soon)
iii. Technical Specifications (coming soon)

b. Public Works

i. Public Work Bid Boilerplate  (Word) Updated 6/5/2020
ii. Quote- Goods & Services (coming soon)
iii. Technical Specifications (coming soon)

c) Request for Proposals

a. RFP Boilerplate (Word) Updated 6/5/2020
b. Technical Specifications

          i. Architect of Record [Word];

          ii.Dental Insurance Broker Services 

         iii.Engineering Equipment 

         iv.  Engineering Professional Services 

         v.  Financial Software 

         vi.  Health Insurance Broker 

         vii.  Professional Development for Teaching Using Web-Based Technologies                

d) Extraordinary Unspecifiable Services

a. Form (coming soon)
b. Technical specs (coming soon)

e) Competitive Contracting

a. CC Boilerplate (Word)  Updated 6/5/2020
b. Technical Specifications (coming soon)

f) Bid Forms- All items in this section f have been placed in the drop box with the corresponding titles.

a. Affirmative Action Questionnaire
b. Non-Collusion Affidavit
c. Stockholder/Partnership Disclosure and Statement of Ownership
d. Contractor/Vendor Questionnaire/Certification
e. Disclosure of Investment Activities in Iran
f.   Bidder’s Comment Form
g. Acknowledgement of Addenda
h. Political Contribution Disclosure (PCD) Form

g) Regulations/Resources

a. Index to Terms [Word]  
b. Best Practices for Awarding Service Contracts (March 4, 2010) [PDF]
c.  E-Procurement Guidance
d. Local Finance Notices
e.  NJ Start
f.  Purchasing Manual 2020-2021  [Word] Updated 6/5/2020
g. PO Rationale Form [Word]

h.  Resolutions For Adopting New Bid Thresholds


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