1.  ACES Overview - Call Carol Friedman, ACES Coordinator with questions – 732-296-0770.
      2. Affirmative Action Questionnaire
      3.  Affirmative Action   Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 10:5-31 et seq. and N.J.A.C. 17:27 et seq.
      1.  Educational Adequacy Report FY 2020
      2.  Environmental Guide Health and Safety in Schools [PDF]
      3.  EUS (Extraordinary Unspecifiable Services )  Local Finance Notice & Certification Form
      1.  Incentive Grants - NJASBO FY 19-20
      1.  Legislative Homepage NJ
      2.  Local Finance Notices
      1.  Professional Registration Program
      1.  Qualified Purchasing Agent
      1.  Records Retention - Division of Archives & Records Management 
      2.  Reorganization Agenda Items
      3.  Resolutions
           a.  Acceptance of Audit
           b.  Construction Project Bids
           c.  Honor Board Member
           d.  Invoking The Doctrine of Necessity
           e.  Organization Meeting Action Items
           f.  Reserve Transfer
           g.  To Submit DPR and Statement of Assurances QSAC
           h.  Transfer 30 to 40
           i.  Transfer of Current Year Surplus to Reserve
           j.  Waiver of Requirements SEMI
           k.  Year End Action Items
      1.  SBA Model Contract
      2.  School Board Meetings
           a.  A Users Guide to School Board Voting
           b.  Abstentions
      3.  SOP/IC Examples
           a. Example 1 - Business Office Manual [Word]
           b. Example 2 - SOP/IC [Word]
           c. Example 3 - SOP/IC [Word]
           d. Example 4 - SOP/IC [Word]
           e. Example 5 - SOP/IC [Word]
      4.  State Comptroller - Procurement Compliance
           b.  Post-Award Notice for Contracts  $2M But Less Then $10M Including SEHBP
           c.  Presentation - Procurement Compliance
           d.  Sample Resolution to Participate in SEHBP
      1.  Tax Exempt Technical Bulletin
       2. Transportation
           a. NJ Department of Education Student Transportation
           b.  Contractor Manual
           c.  Manual for Schools
           d.  Parent Manual
           e.  Parent Manual - Spanish
      3.  Travel Regulations Guidance
           a.  Conference - Administrative Rules [Word]
           b.  School Business Travel [Word]
           c.  Travel Allowance [Word]






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