Business Functions Review
The New Jersey Association of School Business Officials is pleased to offer the expertise of their members to aid districts in reviewing their business office functions.

The scope of the review entails such areas as financial accounting and reporting, purchasing, food service, data processing, maintenance, transportation and any other functions that are the responsibility of the school business official.

By utilizing the services of NJASBO, you receive the highest caliber of expertise from professionals in the field of school business administration.

It should be understood that only services, not employees will come under review. The findings, conclusions and recommendations of the NJASBO Review Team shall be presented internally, and not at any public meeting.

Scope of Services

NJASBO will utilize an appropriate amount of personnel to conduct a review based upon the size of the district and the scope of services requested.

To maintain the impartiality of the review, anyone selected as a team member to conduct the study shall neither work nor reside in the county where the district is located.

The majority of projects will encompass the following:

  • Pre conference meeting
  • On site visitations
  • Compilation of findings, conclusions and recommendations
  • Post conference meetingAll consultants involved in the screening process shall possess the following qualifications.

Team Leader

  • Certified as either a Assistant Superintendent for Business or School Business Administrator.
  • Minimum of 10 years work experience as a Chief School Business Official
  • Possess at least a Masters Degree

Team Member

  • Five years as a School Business Official
  • Possess a Bachelors Degree
  • Possess experience in a district of a similar size, and expertise in the area(s) being reviewed.
  • Exceptions can be made by the Team Leader

Fee Schedule

A minimum fee of $5,500 will be charged.*

* This fee includes forty (40) hours (each) of service for two primary consultants. Each primary consultant, if agreed and determined necessary, shall be paid at the rate of $62.50 per hour for hours each worked in excess of 40. This fee also includes materials, supplies, postage, secretarial and duplicating services; including the 10 copies of the final report.

Additional consultants, as determined and required, shall be billed at an additional $1,250 for each 20 hours of service.

Other necessary expenses incurred by the consultants, i.e. travel, meals, tolls, etc., shall be paid by the district.

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