Adding Associate Business Members

NJASBO Associate Business Members are entitled to a total of 5 member accounts -

  • The Primary Account Holder
  • Four employees/staff (called "sub-accounts or seats")

The Primary Account Holder will need to sign in, then they will add employees as follows -

  1. Sign in to the website
  2. You will land on the Profile screen where you may update your profile and click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click on Information & Settings (left side of screen)
  4. Click on Sub-accounts (top of screen)
  5. Enter the e-mail addresses of your employees (up to 4) in the Invite New Members dialogue box
  6. Click Send Invite

Your employees will receive the e-mail notification below.  They'll click on the link and self-register on our site.  There's noting further you need to do.

4 AAA Drive Suite 101,
Robbinsville New Jersey 08691
P: (609) 689-3870 F: (609) 689-3167