Professional Screening Services

The Program

The New Jersey Association of School Business Officials will provide an adequate amount of consultants to assist a district in the selection process of a School Business Administrator.

As a professional organization, concerned about improving school business administration, we have a vested interest in the individuals who are responsible for these functions.

By utilizing the resources of NJASBO, you receive the highest caliber of expertise from practitioners in the field of school business administration. This could prove advantageous to a district in their pursuit of qualified candidates for this extremely important management position.

Scope of Services

Since NJASBO represents the vast majority of school business officials statewide, we have the capacity to attract a wide spectrum of candidates. Knowing a district’s needs and identifying individuals who match these specific requirements is one of the most important aspects of our screening services.

The following services are included:

  • Initial advertising through NJASBO’S Career Vacancy Hotline and website.
  • Advertising in various newspapers and professional journals, as requested.
  • Review all resume’s as part of the “paper screening process.”
  • Conduct the initial interviews.
  • Determine the amount of final candidates, after consultation with the Superintendent and/or the Board of Education.
  • Provide written references on the finalists.
  • Attend the final interviews, as requested.


All consultants involved in the screening process shall possess the following qualifications.

  • Certified as either a Assistant Superintendent for Business or a School Business Administrator or
  • Minimum of 10 years experience as a School Business Official
  • Possess at least a Masters Degree

Fee Schedule

A minimum fee of $2,000 will be charged.*

* This fee provides for Twenty (20) hours of service of one NJASBO consultant. It also includes any printing costs, mailings and telephone expenses.

Additional consultants or additional hours, if necessary, shall be provided at a rate of $62.50 per hour. District shall be billed for any advertisement costs incurred by NJASBO and any other necessary expenses incurred by the consultants, ie., travel, meals, tolls, etc.

Additional expenses:

  • Expenses of consultant(s) i.e., meals, travel, lodging.
  • Advertisement in specific newspapers or trade journals would be billed directly to the district.


Simply contact the offices of NJASBO at (Phone: 609-689-3870 Fax 609-689-3167) for further details. Please be assured that your inquiry will be treated in prompt, confidential and professional manner.

4 AAA Drive Suite 101,
Robbinsville New Jersey 08691
P: (609) 689-3870 F: (609) 689-3167